Video: Manal puts herself in…

Video: Manal puts herself in the shoes of a “Chikha” in her music video “Niya”

Moroccan singer Manal Benchlikha has once again hit hard with her new music video « Niya ».

Video Manal puts herself in the shoes of a “Chikha” in her music video “Niya”

This time, she decided to put forward the « Chikha », an artist in her own right, a treasure whose value is unknown, loved on one side and rejected on the other.

You read it correctly! In her new music video, Manal approached the world of the Chikhates, these controversial women, and debunked misconceptions about them while singing about the love of a Chikha who dreams of starting a family.


This new sound, which is already a hit on streaming platforms, tells the story of a Chikha in love, who impatiently waits for her suitor to come and ask for her hand. This one never comes and causes great suffering to this young woman who lives in community with her sisters.

In the clip, two contrasting universes coexist, the first, the closed universe, where Manal lives with her friends the other chikhates, they are fulfilled, happy and enjoy their freedom.

The second is none other than the open universe, where Manal suffers from his loneliness, his grief reappears and arises from time to time. Living alone was therefore the price to pay for having made of his art a profession that the population assigns to the lowlands of manners.

This clip is, for Manal and his team, a tribute to Moroccan culture.

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