US Election 2020: a tense wait

US Election 2020: a tense wait as the winner of the US election remains unclear

The US presidential election result is on the brink of a precipice, with Donald Trump and rival Joe Biden having neck and neck in major swing states.

No candidate can credibly claim to have won so far, and both campaigns have said they have potential paths to victory.

The Biden campaign said the race is « moving to an outcome in our favor ».

But Mr Trump, who is a Republican, claimed he won and pledged to sue the Supreme Court, without providing evidence of fraud.

Several major states are expected to finish counting by the end of Wednesday, but elections may not be decided for days.

The Biden campaign has said it expects to win because several states will be called in on Wednesday or Thursday, but the Trump campaign has said it is confident mathematics is in its favor.

The United States is on track to achieve the highest electoral turnout in a century. More than 100 million people cast their votes in the early vote before Election Day, and tens of millions more added their votes on Tuesday.

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