Apple launches three Mac…

Apple launches three Mac computers with ARM processors for the first time

Apple officially announced its conference today about three new Mac computers that come for the first time with ARM processors and with their own design apart from Intel.

MacBook Pro

Computer MacBook Pro is characterized by that it carries the first processor designed by Apple itself and according to ARM architecture, to be the beginning of a new generation of Mac computers.

The new computer comes with the M1 chip, which Apple says has the fastest processing core in the world, the fastest built-in graphics processor, and significantly exceeds performance and low power consumption compared to previous Intel processors.

Apple says it has modified macOS 11 Big Sur to accommodate new hardware and processor architecture modifications designed and built on ARM.

The computer is of a small size of 13 inches and is almost 3 times faster and its graphics are 5 times faster than the previous generation. And it still has a fan cooling system and a touch bar with 4 Thunderbolt ports on the left side.

The computer supports Wi-Fi 6 and opens with a fingerprint and has several options of memory and storage up to 16 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD for storage.

The point of excellence in this computer, thanks to the new processors, is that it has become more energy efficient, as one battery charge gives it 17 hours of surfing the web or 20 hours watching a video, and this is about 10 hours greater than the previous one, which means 60% savings in consumption.

There are several computers that work with ARM processors, but Apple’s entry into this market will definitely change its shape, especially in terms of applications and software that support it strongly.

The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with ARM-based processor is available for pre-order today and will ship next week with a starting price of $ 1299.

MacBook Air

Apple also announced a MacBook Air version with an ARM processor as well, which is the same M1 chip with eight cores and a 5 nm resolution based on the A14 Bionic processor that powers the iPhone 12 and iPad Air phones.

Apple says that this computer is faster than 98% of the Windows laptops that were sold last year, so that it is 3.5 times faster than the MacBook Air it launched last year, 5 times faster in terms of graphics and 9 times faster in terms of machine learning techniques.

The computer gives a very long operating time, it allows browsing the web for 15 hours or watching video for 18 hours.

In terms of technical specifications, it is with a 13.3-inch screen that supports P3 wide color and a scissor-key keyboard, and has memory and storage options up to 16 GB and 2 TB.

Apple provided its computer with Thunderbolt ports, USB 4, supports fingerprint, Wi-Fi 5, and has a high-resolution camera.

The computer will be available at a price of $ 999 and is available for pre-order today and will be shipped next week.

Apple Mac mini

Also, the miniature computer Mac mini received a new version with ARM processors to provide you with the option to test the capabilities of this processor at lower prices than other portable computers.

Apple did not update this device for two years, now it comes at a price of about $ 100 cheaper than the old version, and significant performance improvements thanks to the M1 chip that gives 3 times faster performance and 6 times faster graphics than before.

The device comes with a variety of memory and storage options up to 16 GB and 2 TB and supports connection with two screens and resolution up to 6K with a variety of ports, including screen ports, USB4 and Thunderbolt.

Mac Mini is available for sale starting at $ 699.

As you can see, three different Mac devices, whether for light or advanced performance, or even mini-desk, all with ARM processors, paint the features of a new future direction from Apple towards computing away from Intel.

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