Angèle and Dua Lipa finally…

Angèle and Dua Lipa finally unveil the video for « Fever » (VIDEO)

At around 2 p.m., Dua Lipa and Angèle unveiled the music video for their track « Fever » on YouTube. Small peculiarity of this clip: all the extras that appear are women!


The box seems assured: in barely 2 hours, the video already displays more than 450,000 views and the number continues to climb. Further proof, if it were still necessary, that Angela is on course to join the biggest stars in the world.

The Belgian also posted a commentary to accompany the clip: « I’m so excited! I wanted you to know that Dua Lipa is the nicest and coolest person I’ve met in a long time and it’s been a True honor to work on this project! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Stay safe, take care of yourself, love you, « she wrote.

YouTube Source : Dua Lipa

Feature Picture Source : Dua Lipa YouTube Screen Grab

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