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Top 4 Free Streaming Site 2020! Check out our ranking now!

Vous voulez savoir les meilleurs sites de streaming pour regarder gratuitement des films, des mangas et des séries ? Bonne nouvelle !

You’ve come to the right place to discover the top 9 for 2020. This article will tell you everything. Good reading !

But first, what exactly is streaming?

Streaming is a technology that allows you to view and play content continuously on the Internet without downloading it.

It is a method of reading that is based on the same principle as video sites including YouTube. Simply put, when the Internet user watches a streaming video, it will be automatically uploaded to the server in the form of a buffer.

In short, the video will not be saved in the hard drive of the device, but rather in the RAM. Then, as soon as the video cache allows it to be played, the video will download during playback.

In addition, we must distinguish between streaming qualified as legal and that described as illegal. In legal streaming, multimedia content is subject to copyright protection and can only be accessed through paid offers.

On the other hand, illegal streaming concerns sites that can be accessed for free by hacking their access. In other words, watching this type of streaming content is illegal since the rights holders have not consented to their work being broadcast and viewed.

Streaming has become more and more influential in our society, especially with the arrival of big legal and paid streaming players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Apple TV +, etc. These sites allow you to have access to a large catalog of series and films in return for a monthly subscription, generally around ten euros.

Néanmoins, il est tout à fait compréhensible que certains français ne souhaitent pas allouer une partie de leur budget à ces sites, préférant privilégier les méthodes gratuites mises à leur disposition. Nous vous dévoilons donc aujourd’hui notre classement des meilleurs sites de streaming gratuits en 2020 !

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The list of the best free streaming sites in 2020

There are a multitude of sites offering free streaming to watch movies and series. Among the best, you have:,,,,,,,,

As its name suggests, is exclusively devoted to watching series in streaming. This is a site that brings together a wide choice of series with integrated HD quality. For this, you just have to type on the search bar the title of the series you want to see. Otherwise, you can already see the latest seasons available on the page.

To facilitate your research, the series are classified by category and genre. Plus, you don’t need to register or pay a subscription fee to watch your favorite shows. These are available in French or in VOSTFR.

Go to to watch unlimited and free your movies and series. With Full HD quality, this site offers a wide range of exclusive films, manga and series and even those that have only appeared in theaters. Both films and series exist in French and VOSTFR versions, so don’t hesitate!

The VoirFilms site is one of the most popular in France. Now it has the official domain name « ». It is known for its array of movies, cartoons and series that are available for streaming and which can also be downloaded. Movies and series are just as complete and in HD quality.

voir-film1 VF is one of the best free streaming platforms. This site has a particularly extensive catalog of films which is regularly updated with new releases. You can watch your favorite films continuously in French or in VOST. You do not need to register for this.

On you will find all kinds of movies and series that you can watch for free. To easily find them, this site sorts them by genre (Romance, Adventure, Musical, Fantasy, Thriller, Documentary, Animation, Action, etc.). If you do not know the title of the series you want to watch, this is a great help since you will only have to browse through the list offered to find the one to watch. And the good news is that this platform is ad-free and doesn’t impose a maximum viewing time. It is 100% legal and free.

The platform is one of the benchmarks in streaming. It has hundreds of thousands of titles, whether films, series or manga. There are approximately 1507 manga, 4198 series and 12,618 movies available on this site. You will have plenty of time to watch them without interruption and unlimited. They are available in French, VOST or VQ.

If one of the sites listed above is not suitable, we suggest the site As its name suggests, it makes available its large collection of films and series. There is something for all tastes and all expectations. But more specifically, this site stands out for the quality of its content and its sleek design. Created in 2012, it currently admits thousands of visitors per day and offers different viewing formats. This is a site with no ads and no registration required.

If you are looking for a viewing and downloading site, go for It allows you to watch movies and series of all kinds. While the old version required the use of Cacaoweb to function, this new version no longer requires it. Indeed, it is now possible to read streaming links without going through an application. To watch a series, you will only have to click on the link and go to the player.

This site assures you an HD format for the majority of films and series. Also, its design has undergone some improvements to make streaming fans happy. The only downside is that this site contains pop-ups and ads.

If you want to watch the latest new movies released, it is recommended to choose This site regularly updates its catalog of films to satisfy fans of online streaming.

In HD quality, the videos are available without registration or registration fees.

And in order to simplify your searches, this platform classifies films according to their year of production (1998 to 2020), their language (VOST, VF) and also according to their quality (DVDRIP, HDTV, etc.).

You can also take advantage of the trial periods offered by Premium Video Services to enjoy the best series and movies for free. Use comparators such as for this.

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