Despite the Covid-19…

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Cameroon has opened its stadiums to the public for the African Nations Championship (CHAN). His supporters celebrate despite the health risks.

Away from the European images behind closed doors, the CHAN-2020 * championship, which will be held between Morocco and Mali, was held on Sunday 7 February in Cameroon with the encouragement of its supporters.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, which a second wave of which hit the continent hard, the authorities were keen to open the stadiums to the public to please the fans.

To ensure that continental competition does not lead to an epidemic, drastic measures have been taken: mandatory mask wearing, social distancing among fans, frequent prevention messages in stadiums, and stadium occupancy rates are limited to 25%.

« At the moment, we haven’t noticed a significant spread due to the competition. Thank God! So far everything is going well, » said Constant El Omari, the interim president of the Confederation of African Football. (CAF) in France 24.

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