A study from YouTube shows…

A study from YouTube shows that Saudis prefer watching local content

The YouTube platform, as part of the « YouTube Festival » for companies and advertisers, revealed a new study about the times and rates of viewership on the platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study showed that the most popular content categories in the Kingdom are video games, learning new skills, and watching sports content. As for the most viewed content, it is from local content.

YouTube says that the Corona pandemic contributed to an increase in the percentage of video game content broadcast in the Arabic language in the region, and puzzle and adventure games were the most popular in 2020, and the sports and e-sports category was very popular, with FIFA and other games.

YouTube also indicates that the percentage of viewership of educational videos has increased dramatically in the past year compared to other types of content, as a report from Ipsos MORI, supported by YouTube, stated that 94% of Saudi Arabia’s population used electronic references to view and watch educational content. Watch scientific content, such as algebra, at a rate of 200% on the platform. The study also indicated that 95% of users in the Kingdom viewed instructional videos on the platform during the past year.

Latest data from YouTube

YouTube attracted more than 20 million users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (aged 18 years or over) last August, with an average viewership of 55 minutes per day. Its numbers indicate that 7 of the 10 most viewed videos were produced by Saudi content creators.

Commenting on this, Suhail Saeed, Director of Products and Advertising Solutions at Google for the Middle East and North Africa, said: “What distinguishes the YouTube platform is that it can reach users and provide customized content for them, regardless of their geographical location. Thanks to the rich and demanding content produced by the Saudi content creators, new expectations have arisen among users as they are looking for content that is in line with their local culture and interests, which is difficult to find in traditional platforms.

It is noteworthy that the platform held its largest virtual event in the MENA region in January for commercial activities, advertisers and agencies. The event, titled « YouTube Festival », revealed new statistics on audiences, watch times and viewership in the region, as well as the latest tools dedicated to supporting advertisers.

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