TikTok may allow content…

TikTok may allow content creators to add links below the video to sell their products for a commission

Tik Tok is working on a new feature that will allow content creators to add links to their products by describing videos so that users can easily buy products, but this addition will not be free on the app.

According to the Financial Times, Tik Tok will enable content makers to add direct links to sell their products, but in return for a commission deducted for allowing them to do so, so the feature is likely to be for large accounts that have a distinguished name and launch their own products or promote the products of other companies.

Tik Tok also provides the ability to add a link with the personal profile in accounts such as Instagram, but the new feature will be a big addition.

The addition is a big move from the Chinese company to work in the e-commerce sector by making it possible to sell products through the platform, and it will become a strong competitor to Instagram, which has become a huge force in the e-commerce sector over the past few years.


Source: Financial Times

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