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How to bypass iCloud??

Today we’ll talk about bypass.
ByPass / iCloud ByPass
Recently, these words have become very common and are intended to delete the iCloud account from Apple iPhones. ipad. ipod. Among the things that were impossible for years and years, when you hear any iPhone device that includes an iCloud account, the solution is to sell it its detailed contents, until the bypass technology appeared
But look, you should know that deleting an iCloud account from Apple devices is still impossible to this day 😊😊 except in one case
You must be a certified partner with Apple and have a store that sells Apple products, and in order to be a certified partner with Apple, you must have many features, the least of which is a store full of Apple devices that are known for their high prices. You must pay approximately one million dollars in order to be able to be a certified partner ( The price is set well because I forgot, but it is too high.) If you know, correct us in the comments,
This link from the Apple website explains the requirements:
The important thing is if you become a certified partner, you can delete the iCloud from iPhone quite easily, just with this lie :

  • Hello, Apple. There is an Astra customer, the iPhone, so that he forgot the iCloud
  • Okay, give us the phone’s IMEI
  • 636 364 7373 733 636
  • Ok, turn on the phone to find the iCloud has been skipped

This method is not legal, so the first step that the store owner takes is to make sure that the phone is not in the blacklist. Phones that were reported to them by Apple that they were stolen …
I mean, until now, Apple is the only one capable of removing the iCloud from its devices,
As for the bypass method, it is only to skip the iCloud account, not to delete the iCloud account, meaning, when the page where the iPhone asks you to enter an iCloud account appears, you can skip it, focus with me, you can only skip that page, meaning when you reset the phone, you will be asked to enter an iCloud account ,
This method has many ways to bypass the iCloud. There are ways after bypassing the iCloud. You use the phone normally and there are other methods, but some advantages are cut out from the phone as the network, and notifications are not received, etc.


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