Free Zone Launches A New

Free Zone Launches A New Promotional Site Theipoddeal Com

On Monday, October first Freezone dispatches another advancement outfitted towards iPod Lovers – This site offers pristine Apple iPods to members in its limited time program. It’s straightforward and simple. There are more than 300 backers in the advancement going from free preliminaries to online administrations. Supporters even cover postage charges for the items.

This site is like those checked on and Engadget with the exception of that as opposed to persuading companions to participate to get a free ipod, is totally a « do it without anyone’s help » advancement. Members can do as such at their recreation, returning at their own prudence. Since the offers are so open and normal (not at all like destinations that make you pursue additional overwhelming assignments) members have a lot simpler time finishing the program rapidly.

Members can look over between the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and the new iPod Touch. At around $400.00 the iPod contact includes a 8-16GB memory for putting away recordings, information, and obviously, music. It has WiFi and music downloading abilities, an enormous 3.5″ askew screen to give a lot simpler video seeing experience, and forefront interface. The iPod Nano highlights 4-8 GB of memory, and 2″ (askew) shading screen for review photographs and recordings. The iPod Classic pinnacles over the others in memory with either 80 or160GB of capacity making it basically an outer hard drive. With a more modest screen around 2.5″ (askew) it’s not exactly the extravagance smaller than normal film player of its more youthful cousin the iPod Touch, yet absolutely a decent multi-media playing machine.

Free Zone has not declared how long advancement will proceed, in any case, with many backers « joining » in the program every month; it’s very an extraordinary method to get one of these as expected for Christmas.

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