7 best apps for listening

7 best apps for listening to podcasts

A dream that many had in the past, while listening to their favorite radio station. Can they have the tools that help them express their thoughts so that people everywhere listen to them?

In the past, the radio was the ideal means of entertainment, and we can say that it is one of the most innovative innovations that have not been erased by time and has been able to develop with time, transforming from being stations broadcast through the radio device to channels that broadcast the life of satellites and the Internet.

The idea of owning a radio platform through which young people freely broadcast their ideas remained the subject of research and development, until technology provided us with one of its important innovations through which it was able to volunteer Internet services to benefit from it, and a new technology was launched under the name of podcast.

What is a podcast?

It is a radio audio program that is published through the Internet, and can be listened to using a phone, personal computer, or smart devices that support access to the Internet, and it differs from radio in that it is not primarily related to direct broadcasts, so you can listen to it whenever you want.

It is considered a radio platform that is published on the Internet that enables its owners to broadcast their content in the form of radio channels or even in the form of videos, which differs from radio in that it gives the listener the freedom to listen to the content presented through it at any time without linking to the live broadcast.

Naming it and the beginning of its emergence

From its name it can be explained; It is a two-syllable word pod-cast, which means it is a broadcast or in other words a broadcast repository, and the name is often associated with the audio player of Apple’s iPod. Podcast technology began to appear at the end of 2003, and it became popular at the beginning of 2004, and there was no application or mechanism that would allow subscribing to the podcast until Apple made a step that was considered the main driver behind the popularity of the podcast as it was officially introduced through the iTunes store. Contributed to its spread significantly over time.

How podcasts work

The person who owns the radio content records the content to be broadcast through the podcast, and begins to publish it in the form of episodes, which he uploads to a server dedicated to downloading the podcast files, and when the listener connects to the Internet, he uses synchronization, which keeps him informed of the latest updates of the new episodes added.

Applications and programs that enable you to listen to the podcast

The programs that can capture podcasts differ according to the operating system of the device through which you want to listen to the podcast content, some of which can be restricted to the following group of applications:

Apple Podcast

The advantage of this application is that it comes with all Apple devices and does not need to be downloaded from the application store, and this free application is used on Apple devices that run on the iOS system, and the application allows you to discover the most famous podcasts, search and listen to episodes, and it is characterized by that the proposed lists and podcasts are specific to each country.

Google Podcasts

The official Google application is available on Google Play and allows you to subscribe, listen, and search for podcast channels through an easy and simplified interface, and it has also become available on iPhone phones.


A popular podcast app that is only available on iOS, and it also lets you share clips or parts of podcasts via social networks in a beautiful way.


This app is famous for being a music app only, but podcasts have been added among its options, and you can now listen to it alongside the music.

Pocket Casts

A popular podcast app that has some nice features like increasing the volume, speeding up the volume, and eliminating long moments of silence, so you can listen to podcast episodes and finish them quickly.

Tunein radio

One of the most distinctive radio applications on Google Play, and most of its focus is on live broadcast radio, but that does not prevent it from providing audio files, audiobooks and various stations.


Amazon has finally added podcasts to its popular audiobook app, and in this respect, Amazon has acquired the independent podcast platform Wonder.

The future of podcasts

The podcast will be one of the most important media publishing channels, according to these acquisitions of podcast publishing channels by Amazon and Spotify, it becomes clear to us that the podcast industry has emerged from the shadows towards a large media focus, as it has become an important publishing tool for Saudi government agencies, and other music companies have also entered the line. Like Deezer, which announced a dedicated podcast app that gives them comprehensive information on their content. All these indicators reveal upcoming changes in the podcast sector.

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