Sony will stop selling

Sony will stop selling and renting movies and series on the PlayStation Store on August 31

Sony Corporation announced its intention to expect to sell and rent movies, series and other TV shows through the PlayStation Store on August 31, due to the decline in demand for the service.

Sony justifies this decision by the spread of content-streaming services, especially free and ad-supported ones, which reduced the demand for buying and renting movies through the PlayStation Store.

The company had launched its service for selling and renting movies and TV shows in 2008 before the emergence of content-streaming services that we see now, as services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and others contributed to providing an easier and more comprehensive way to follow up on favorite works instead of buying them individually, which affected the service Sony.

The company indicates, however, that all the works that users have purchased will remain within their library, but after the end of August this year, no one will be able to buy or rent more works.

It is noteworthy that most of the content-streaming services provide special applications on the PlayStation platform, allowing users to enjoy watching the latest work on their devices.

Source: Sony

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