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« Why I did not eat my father », perhaps by the fact of being already a realization of Jamel Debbouze, will have made me wait and thus leave aside all the fervor linked to its release, before being discovered … And honestly, I must humbly admit that this animated film is far from the disaster yet evoked and felt with anger by some in their opinions. Because, if the excellent novel by Roy Lewis is still very distant as an adaptation, only serving as a common thread of what is proposed to us, the result is not at all uninteresting despite everything …If only by the abundance of ideas and the work of animation very successful and well done in my opinion … The theory of the evolution of man through this history and these twists, remains very schematized of course. but is not so badly shown and suddenly, the result certainly does not correspond to what some expected in terms of humor … Because even if the finds hold water and make people smile, the whole is rather the pretext to see the transformation of prehistoric man, his adaptation, his progress and his discoveries through the work and life of Edward, a determined little man, courageous and tolerant with others. However, nothing is of course very serious, but has the merit of being fresh and subtle enough so that the viewer can take some pleasure! And so far awayundoubtedly of the farce hoped for by the unconditional ones of the actor, this realization is precisely for me a good sign and a happy surprise as for the scenario well done, the welcome winks and a certain atmosphere full of joy and enthusiasm that make these characters endearing and in a clear communicative good mood! Clearly visible to all, the children’s audience here is certainly not the one targeted first but ultimately, this film will be a good introduction to some first basic questions on prehistory … So basically, why refuse to share a moment with this bunch of simians who get up on their two legs, to become what we are!

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